Becoming a Certified Business Controller™

Becoming a Certified Business Controller™ puts you one step ahead of your competition. Being able to show any potential client or employer that you’ve taken that extra step to educate yourself and become certified could make the difference between being hired, or not.


Among the benefits of becoming certified include;

Increase Business Leads

Certification as a Certified Business Controller™ with CBC will see you listed in our online directory. When someone comes to us looking for a fully qualified business controller, we match them up with you.

Support is Everything

Upon becoming fully certified, you’ll have the backing of a terrific support team. The days of searching for answers when you hit a problem are gone.

Set Yourself Apart

Carrying the official mark that tells your clients that you’re a Certified Business Controller™ will help set you apart from the competition.  You’re not just a bookkeeper; you’re a Certified Business Controller™.

Become Certified Now